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Recommending the Franklyn D Resort (FDR) in Jamaica

I just got back from a week in Jamaica, and I’ve been talking off everyone’s ear about the experience. That’s because the Franklin D. Resort has exactly one thing going for it: every family gets a full time nanny for the duration of your vacation. Larger families, particularly with multiple age groups of kids, often had two nannies. The resort seemed especially friendly to large families, with big multi-bedroom suites and reasonable rates for additional children. For our trip they were also running a “grandparents stay free” promotion, which I think they do every January. If you are planning a family-oriented vacation, particularly with young kids, you have to consider the Franklin D. Resort.

So while I’ve been recommending the resort to people verbally, I wanted to take a moment to write down what I learned vacationing there, and what people might want to know before they take my advice and book their own trip.

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