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Quick House Update

My last post ended with me losing the house due to being outbid. In a strange turn of events we may have won the bidding war without ever submitting the highest offer. I’ll try to provide more details at a future date, if it turns out they are interesting. At the moment we are still [...]

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A Computer Scientist Bids on a House

I was going to favor you all with a post about Java’s System.nanoTime. That post will have to wait until tomorrow. Instead, I spent the day (arguably the weekend since 3:15pm on Friday) putting in a bid on a house. I won’t bore you with the details of property, inspections, financing, etc. However, I think [...]

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Synthetic Biology and Big Ball of Mud

Researchers at the MIT OpenWetWare project are attempting to engineer Synthetic Biology, creating reusable and composable biological components that can be combined to create useful organisms. In the process, they are discovering that biological systems don’t follow the same patterns of good architecture familiar to us from software.
In software engineering, architecture is perceived as critical [...]

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