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Android G1 and Palm Pre versus iPhone and BlackBerry Benchmarks

In my last post, I shared benchmark data for the web browser on the iPhone versus BlackBerry. My theory is that web browser performance is critically important for smartphone user experience. Furthermore, the BlackBerry seems to be embarrassingly inferior to the iPhone in this respect. This begs the question, how do other phones stack up.
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BlackBerry versus iPhone – Benchmarking the Browser

Lately I’ve been thinking about getting a netbook. They seem trendy, and I like gadgets. But I’ve started questioning what I would get from one that I don’t get from my current devices. I’ve concluded that what I want isn’t a netbook, it is a phone that is actually good.
I’m the happy owner of a [...]

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Should Your Honor Student be in Shop Class?

Matthew Crawford’s essay in New York Times Magazine last weekend, “The Case for Working With Your Hands” really resonated with me. The primary focus is the intellectual challenges and rewards of repairing motorcycles, as compared with “knowledge work” jobs that our society seems to value. But one point at the end captured my attention:
The visceral [...]

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