CTO at StreamBase

Welcome Mass High Tech readers and others. As many new visitors to my blog know, I’ve recently taken on the position of CTO at StreamBase, the company which came out of my graduate research at MIT and where I have until recently been Chief Architect. Old visitors to my blog surprised by this post can read the official StreamBase Press release, or the Mass High Tech article linked above.

StreamBase is a top vendor for Complex Event Processing (CEP) software in Capital Markets, Defense, and other sectors. Customers use our software to implement business applications which can identify, transform, archive, and respond to events, with sub-millisecond latency, at hundreds of thousands of events per second. Doing all that requires a combination of programming language design, compiler technology, database technology, networking, performance, and developer tools. I’m lucky, because this matches my own interests precisely. In my new role, I’ll continue to be hands on with all these areas of technology, and expand my work with StreamBase customers and industry organizations.

Nothing to See Here is my low traffic personal blog, on which I comment about a fair number of things, but basically never talk about complex event processing. It keeps life simpler. If you would like to see me blogging in an official capacity about CEP, keep an eye on the StreamBase Event Processing Blog.

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