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Pricing Enterprise Software

I find the economics of enterprise software to be quite interesting, but have never had a theory of pricing that I really felt comfortable with. I’d like to present a new (to me) explanation for how price is deterimined.
Many people are uncomfortable with the concept of “enterprise software” as some how different from other software. [...]

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Adventures in Retail

Had a few hours to kill in Midtown Manhattan today, and so took the opportunity to check out some retail that can only exist in New York.
First I went by the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, which I like to call the Mother Church (standard mall Apple Stores being known as the iShrine). I hadn’t [...]

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Me.dium Beta

I got invited into the Beta at Me.dium, a new collaborative/social browsing system. It’s no dis-similar from the third-party-comments system I was pondering back in the spring, if anyone remembers that. However, rather than being focussed on comments, it is also focussed on real-time browsing. You get a side-bar that shows you what people are [...]

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