Switched my laptop to Ubuntu

I switched to running Ubuntu on my Thinkpad. I’m very pleased with the experience. The install was painless, and everything thus far has just worked. It really feels like linux is maturing on the desktop.

I’ve also installed a shiny new tool, Gnome Blog. It’s a panel applet that makes it easy to enter blog posts. It sits on the panel and remembers the blog post you were in the middle of, so you can always stop and come back to it later.

It is generally good, but there are a couple of downsides that are coming to mind at the moment:

* No good way to do bulleted lists or other more complete formatting.

* No support for tags/categories/etc.

* Link input method isn’t the easiest.

Really I think I would rather input the post in Restructured Text or something. I should look into other posting tools. Something command line or emacs based might be ideal.

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