Subversion greater than CVS

I recently finished upgrading
href=””>Typo (the software that runs
href=””>Nothing To See Here) from 1.6.8
to 2.0.x, and at the same time moved my local changes into
href=””>Subversion. Subversion is a
definite improvement over
href=””>CVS. Being able to
rearrange my repository (I did this twice before I was happy with it)
was really nice. Once I was used to it, I gained the ability to just
add things anywhere I want and figure I could sort them out later. The
write-once nature of the directory structure in CVS had always created
a lot of anxiety whenever I was starting a project. I think I will
shortly be transitioning all of my personal projects to Subversion.
All the cool kids are doing it. Of course, if I was a really cool kid
I’d be using SVK, but I think I’m
not cool enough for that yet.

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