About Richard Tibbetts

I’m currently Visiting Scientist at the MIT Probabilistic Computing Project where I lead the open source project for BayesDB and help with other probabilistic computing systems like Venture. BayesDB enables people to query the implications of their data without requiring deep analytic expertise.

Prior to MIT from 2013 to 2015 I was Chief Technology Officer for Event Processing at TIBCO Software, following the successful merger with StreamBase in 2013. I was a cofounder of StreamBase in 2003, along with grad students and faculty members from the Aurora Project at MIT, Brown and Brandeis. StreamBase was a leading vendor of Complex Event Processing (CEP) software for high throughput, low latency event processing, mostly to capital markets users like brokers, exchanges, and hedge funds. The StreamBase software enables developers to create real-time applications quickly using visual development tools and the StreamSQL programming language. At TIBCO It became the foundation for a larger portfolio of event processing software, including Business Events, Business Events: Extreme, and the TIBCO Live Datamart.

Prior to StreamBase I was a undergrad and graduate student at MIT with Mike Stonebraker and Hari Balakrishnan. I majored in Computer Science, receiving SB and MEng degrees. My thesis work was on the Linear Road Stream Data Management Benchmark, part of the Aurora Project.

I live in Arlington, Massachusetts with my wife Aletta, two sons, and a cat named Reason.

Official Sounding Biography

Shamelessly stolen from the StreamBase marketing department.

As a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at StreamBase, Richard provides technical leadership for the company and leads architecture design for StreamBase’s Event Processing Platform. Richard is also responsible for furthering new StreamBase capabilities such as StreamBase’s ‘white-box’ application frameworks, for example, the Smart Order Routing Framework.

As CTO, Richard directs the next-generation of StreamSQL, the event programming language developed by Richard and the StreamBase team, which applies the benefits of SQL for stored data to real-time transitory data.

Richard is an active blogger and writer, and frequently represents StreamBase at leading technology events such as SIGMOD, VLDB, and DEBS.  Richard is also the StreamBase representative at EPTS, a Complex Event Processing industry group of which StreamBase is a founding member.  In addition, Richard proactively works with multiple vendors, including Oracle, to further advance the cause of CEP and CEP standards..

Richard earned both his BS in Computer Science and Engineering, and Masters of Engineering Degrees at MIT. He completed his graduate research under the direction of Dr. Mike Stonebraker, StreamBase’s founder.

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