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Proactive Assumption Violation: Avoiding Bugs By Behaving Badly

Bugs are a fact of life in software, and probably always will be. Some bugs are probably unavoidable, but a lot of bugs can be avoided through good architecture, defensive programming, immutability, and other techniques. One major source of bugs, especially frustrating bugs, is non-deterministic behavior. Every programmer has experienced bugs which don’t reproduce, which [...]

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Algorithms for the 21st Century

Went to a talk at MIT tonight, by Stephen C Johnson, a researcher at The Mathworks. The talk was sponsored by the Greater Boston ACM. The paper, Algorithms for the 21st Century, was presented at Usenix 2006. The general thrust was how computer architecture has drifted from the idealized model used in most algorithms classes, [...]

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Steve Vinoski on Extreme Programming at Iona

Thursday at StreamBase we had a lunch talk by Steve Vinoski, Chief Engineer at Iona Software. Our CEO (Barry Morris) is former CEO of Iona, and he asked Steve to talk to use about Extreme Programming (XP). Iona switched to the extreme programming model nearly 10 years ago, and was the first large product company [...]

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