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Identify and Manage the Honey-Badger Developer

A few years back I read Rands’ blog post about the Free Electron developer archetype: “the single most productive developer you’re ever going to meet.” This is a good archetype to understand, identify, recruit, and retain. I would like to discuss another related archetype which can be quite powerful if properly harnessed: The Honey Badger.

“There [...]

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CTO at StreamBase

Welcome Mass High Tech readers and others. As many new visitors to my blog know, I’ve recently taken on the position of CTO at StreamBase, the company which came out of my graduate research at MIT and where I have until recently been Chief Architect. Old visitors to my blog surprised by this post [...]

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Steve Vinoski on Extreme Programming at Iona

Thursday at StreamBase we had a lunch talk by Steve Vinoski, Chief Engineer at Iona Software. Our CEO (Barry Morris) is former CEO of Iona, and he asked Steve to talk to use about Extreme Programming (XP). Iona switched to the extreme programming model nearly 10 years ago, and was the first large product company [...]

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Stop Energy

A friend just used the phrase Stop Energy to describe part of the open software development process. I hadn’t heard the term before, and so I had to look it up. Stop Energy is the ambient energy in an open development process available to stop any forward motion. Stop Energy manifests as technical (and sometimes [...]

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