2010 The Year in Bookmarks

As you may have heard, Delicious is going away, or at least being sold off, or otherwise being destroyed by Yahoo. In the last 72 hours, I’ve tried out the two leading alternatives, Diigo and pinboard. Along the way, I got to wondering why I keep all these bookmarks around. I do often search back for things. And in paging through my 1173 bookmarks from 2010, they formed an interesting lens through which to look back at the year. And so I present 2010, the year in bookmarks.

Startups and the Death of VC

A lot of the links in my bookmarks are about startups and venture capital. A popular topic in 2010 is the death of VC, or debates about angels versus VCs. Also, discussions about whether Boston or New York are the number two startup hub to Silicon Valley.

Startup Visa

The notion of a startup visa also caught my attention. Here are just a few links.

Startups Without Software

At the same time, everyone is excited about the prospects of tech startups that don’t have any technology risk, because they don’t actually require new technology. Unfortunately, the best examples of these startups are fairly small businesses

Old Ideas are New Again

Another theme was all the old ideas that are new again, demonstrating that timing and execution can both make all the difference.

The Maker Movement

I’m not sure if it is old or new, but the “Maker Movement” is getting a lot more press attention, and a lot more bookmarks from me.


The iPad was the biggest new consumer technology of the year

  • Best New (to me) Blogs
  • Memes

    Far be it from me to catalog all the memes, but here are two

    Next Generation Marketing:

    Though speaking of memes, I also have a bunch of bookmarks around next generation marketing.

    Data and Journalism

    The use of data to drive new journalism was a big trend.


    If you are going to do journalism with data, visualization matters a great deal:



    Who Programs and Who Doesn’t

    Video Games


    Birth Control

    It was the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill, inspiring a range of articles, including two contrarian pieces:

    The Beatles

    It was also the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death

    Keeping Your Eyes Open

    Finally, two links about keeping your eyes open for the surreal and the wonderful things around you every day:

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