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Platonic Browser Session Management

Firefox just crashed, and when I restarted it I was informed that it had some trouble reopening my 115 tabs. Understandable, but I went ahead and clicked the button that encouraged it to try harder. The result, after consuming what would have been several thousand dollars of computer time back when they charged for it, [...]

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DEBS 2010 Highlights

I spent the first half of last week at DEBS 2010 at King’s College in Cambridge, UK. It was a great conference, many good papers and interesting attendees. As usual some of the best ideas came from the hallway sessions. But I’d like to provide some pointers to my favorite papers of the conference:

David Jeffery’s [...]

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Passive Personal Networking: How to Let Others Network for You

Talking to some friends recently, I’ve realized that many people don’t think of themselves as networkers. They are reluctant to get started playing that “game”. Even when they are highly capable engineers looking for a new position at a startup, they don’t want to “ask their friends to find them a job.”
Everyone knows that networking [...]

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