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A Timeless Way of Building or Why do all these houses suck?

Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of houses. I’ve also been reading A Timeless Way of Building (ATWB). The net result has been a deep dissatisfaction with the available housing stock in Arlington, and probably in the entire United States. So while I would like to recommend the book, it comes with the disclaimer [...]

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Device Convergence, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Kindle

A number of months ago I posted my disappointment in the version 1 Kindle. I’ve also tried out the version 2, and continue to be convinced that the Sony Reader is a better piece of hardware for dedicated book reading.
But (if there wasn’t a but there wouldn’t be much of a post here) the Sony [...]

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End of the World Insurance: the Financial Halting Problem

In computer science, the halting problem is very well known. The problem states that it is impossible to build a software program that can analyze other software programs to determine if they will eventually terminate, or halt. This is a useful problem to understand, because many software problems that look possible at first can be [...]

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