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OOPSLA 2007: New Ideas, Good Quotes, and Cynical Self-Satisfaction

I’m still in Montreal, and still thinking about a lot of what I saw and learned at OOSPLA. But I wanted to jot down some links while the cool things were still fresh in my mind. So here is a short set of links worth following that I picked up while at OOPSLA.

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OOPSLA 2007: “The Popularity Cycle of Graphical Tools, UML, and Libraries of Associations” – not the workshop I expected

Today was my first day at OOPSLA 2007 in Montreal. After a brief exposure to the amazing “Underground City” (really a shopping mall that is infecting downtown like a cancer), I crashed a workshop for which I had not signed up, and had a completely different experience than I had planned at The Popularity [...]

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