ETech Voyeurism: Coder to Cofounder

Just came across Phil Windley’s summary of the tutorial Coder to CoFounder at ETech by Marc Hedlund. I didn’t make it to ETech, so I can’t give any first-hand account, but even Phil’s summary is worth reading if you are interested in startups and trying to decide between being a founder and going to a more established startup.

My personal experience at StreamBase is that you get a phenomenal amount of education out of being a cofounder. Being involved in the early stage exposed me to all aspects of the business, from finance to marketing, sales to recruiting, all when I was just out of grad school. Of course, if you don’t choose wisely (and get lucky) this can be an expensive lesson.

I think Paul Graham of Y Combinator had good advice when he spoke at MIT: Work at a later stage startup before you try to start one. It’s a less expensive (they’ll probably even pay you) way to learn some of the easy lessons, before you head for the real thing.

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