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ETech Voyeurism: Coder to Cofounder

Just came across Phil Windley’s summary of the tutorial Coder to CoFounder at ETech by Marc Hedlund. I didn’t make it to ETech, so I can’t give any first-hand account, but even Phil’s summary is worth reading if you are interested in startups and trying to decide between being a founder and going to [...]

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CS Research Everyone Should Know: Xerox PARC Bayou

I was chatting last night with a Web 2.0-oriented friend of mine, and applications that support disconnected operation and synchronization came up. These have been in the noos a bit lately, with the release of the Ruby on Rails based Joyent Slingshot and talk of the Flash based Adobe Apollo.
The cliche that those who [...]

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Switching to OSX, productivity and development tools

Two weeks ago I got a new laptop from work. After extensive hemming and hawing, I went with an Apple MacBook (the black one, cause it looks hotter^Wmore professional). Previous to this I had been running Ubuntu on a Thinkpad T40 bought around the founding of StreamBase. My goal for the change was to [...]

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