Me.dium Beta

I got invited into the Beta at Me.dium, a new collaborative/social browsing system. It’s no dis-similar from the third-party-comments system I was pondering back in the spring, if anyone remembers that. However, rather than being focussed on comments, it is also focussed on real-time browsing. You get a side-bar that shows you what people are looking at. It also has a facility for inviting your friends and sharing browser state with your friends. If anyone is interested in an invitiation, let me know.

The model of being more-realtime has it’s problems. In order to use the tool, I need to expose everything I do in my browser (when I don’t remember to turn off the tool). The upside is the medium system gets more information, which may make it more valuable to other users. The downside is I have less control over what goes into it. The system I was conceiving of, which would be similar to Pearl Comments, would just be focussed on collecting comments that users actively gave.

Pearl Comments is actually an interesting bit of technology, which is being under-utilized in its current incarnation. They use it to moderate interactions between web designers and clients (it enables clients to privately comment on any page, and to see other comments from the developers or clients). I think a system like that, extended in a social way (so I put comments into groups, and my friends are members of groups, and I see all comments from groups I am a member of) would be better.

Let me know if you want a me.dium beta invite. It’s not going to be very interesting unless a bunch of people use it.

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  1. Vogateer says:

    I would like to have a try at me.dium, since I don’t mind testing beta software.