StreamBase DaVinci Coder – Free Software and Valuable Prizes (Cash)

In case people have forgotten, I work at a company I helped start called StreamBase that came out of my graduate research. The product is a stream processing engine, meaning it consumes and processes tens to hundreds of thousands of events per second, from sources like sensor networks, stock markets, or the global interweb, and computes results with very low latency, which are then delivered as more events. I happen to think that event driven architectures, stream processing, and declarative (SQL-like) languages for stream processing are the next big thing, which I am happy to talk your ear off about.

At any rate, we just came out with version 3.1 of the software, and for the first time anyone can download and use it (previously you had to work at a bank with a jillion dollars or something like that). To encourage people to do so, our marketing company has put together a campaign which includes a satirical spoof of Dan Brown’s film, which you can check out at If you watch the video, which you will find quite entertaining if you have ever been a wage slave at one of the aformentioned banks, then you can enter the contest and download the software. At the moment the software is only freely available on Windows, though the Linux version should be freely available in a few weeks. The contest is kind of a puzzle hunt, except it requires playing with our software, documentation, and website. In return, there are $17,000 in cash prizes.

If you get a chance to play with the software, let me know what you think. If you get a chance to do the puzzle hunt, let Aletta know what you think (she was involved in creating the puzzles). And if you think any of this is worthwhile, pass it on.

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