Google Takes College Recruiting to the Next Level

I dropped by MIT this weekend to check out the CalTech cannon hack. This is campus preview weekend, when admitted students are invited to visit the MIT campus to be wooed by admissions officials and current students alike. As a rule current students drop what they are doing to provide entertainment for themselves and occationally even for the visiting high school students (who are generally called prefrosh). It’s usually a good time to see what exciting things current students are up to.

What I didn’t expect to see were dozens of prefrosh wearing bright blue Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” T-shirts. Turns out Google has taken on-campus recruiting to the next level, and has started recruiting MIT students before they are even students. Smart move on their part. Given that it already feels like MIT has moved Rush to CPW, I wonder if this presages a move of recruiting to CPW as well. The Undergraduate Housing Office could start selling employers ad space in the i3 videos. Then MIT can dispense with diplomas and the undergraduate experience, and simply hand out certificates of admittance which are sufficient to land one a good job in New York or Silicon Valley.

Congratulations to Google for being ahead of the curve, and getting started on their recruiting efforts as early as possible.

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