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Subversion greater than CVS

I recently finished upgrading
href=””>Typo (the software that runs
href=””>Nothing To See Here) from 1.6.8
to 2.0.x, and at the same time moved my local changes into
href=””>Subversion. Subversion is a
definite improvement over
href=””>CVS. Being able to
rearrange my repository (I did this twice before I was happy with it)
was really nice. Once I was used to it, I gained the [...]

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Book Review: Defensive Design for the Web

37 signal is one of the neatest
companies out there in terms of advancing the state of the art in web
design. It seems like they do almost as much as
href=””>Google, presumably without spending such
embarrassing amounts of money. If you haven’t check out some of their
projects, like Basecamp,
href=””>Ta-da Lists, and
href=””>Backpack, you really should. They
build really nice [...]

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